Interviews with Some of the Most Fascinating People Alive Today – About Life, Love, Mediumship, and the Spirit World

Screenshot_20170605-094627 The Through a Medium’s Eyes Series is a set of easy-to-read books that answer questions most of us have about the greater reality — the afterlife, our deceased loved ones (including pets!), spirit guides, out-of-body travel, beings of light, physical phenomena, signs from the other side…

Who better to ask these questions than those gifted people who are able to see, speak with, and hear those people in spirit that the rest of us cannot see?

Each book is a set of interviews that bring you the perceptions, beliefs, and knowledge (and lots of stories!) of one of these extraordinary people. Settle in for an evening read and let your world open up in ways you may not have considered.

• Do our pets still come around us after they die?

• Do our deceased loved ones know what we are doing and what we are thinking?

• What happens when a person takes their own life?

• Do psychic mediums–who communicate with people in the spirit world, spirit guides, and master teachers–believe in God?

• What about dematerialization/rematerialization (apports), remote viewing, out-of-body experiences, table tipping, psychometry, spirit guides & teachers, spiritual healing, remote healing…?

• What’s their advice about our own connecting with deceased loved ones or spirit guides, about meditation in general, and how to develop mediumship?

Lists of recommended books and other resources are also included.

Now Available:

1medeyes25-cover-sept11-front  Carol-Gasber-book  3MedEyes11-NealCover-28May2018
Rev. B. Anne Gehman, vol. 1 (print book, ebook & LARGE PRINT edition)
Carol Gasber, vol. 2 (print book & ebook)
Neal Rzepkowski, M.D., vol. 3 (print book & ebook)

Coming Soon:
Rev. Simon James
Rev. Brian Robertson



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